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Thread: My friends Jet Boat in Montana scouting for Elk!

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    My friends Jet Boat in Montana scouting for Elk!

    My friend in Montana makes Jet Boats, these things are awesome, they will skip along on less than 4 inches depth of water and crazy speeds, i hope to meet up with him this year so he can scare the crap out of me in one!
    He used it recently to scout area's for Elk, he is the guy holding the dog.


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    Wow, some speed, looks awesome, what is the hull made of 4" steel ?
    If it hit some floating debris at that speed they would both be chucked overboard and probably ruin the boat and lose the dog too !!

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    Scouting !? What if you blink ?

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    Could you perhaps persuade your noisy friend to switch to making birch-bark canoes, or take up knitting?

    I suspect everyone else in Montana would thank him for it. The elk would probably appreciate it too.
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    Jet boats are a lot of fun , I used them in NZ where they originate from.

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    That looks a lot of fun. On the bucket list that is.

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    My friend emailed me this:
    speed on that part of the river in the vid was from 40-70 km/h

    at the start we go over a log that is aout 1" below the surface and we can not even feel it under us

    the hull thickness in the keel is 3/8" thick and 1/4" on each side of the keel

    hitting stuff floating is no big deal we just glide over it and no it will not throw us and the little jack russell over lol

    show them this vid of us breaking the ice

    again it does not even slow the boat down in fact when you 1st hit the ice the boat breaks free and will speed up for a split second

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    I need to change my pants ! Thanks for the ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fairacre View Post
    I need to change my pants ! Thanks for the ride.
    That was a river cruise , have a look at this

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    A ride on the Shotover jet boat is well worth it if you're ever near Queenstown NZ!

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