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Thread: WANTED Fallow deer skins

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    WANTED Fallow deer skins

    as above i will pay the postage thanks ash

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    Try PMing lwcdart, he takes a lot of fallow and process' the meat himself so i should imagine that he has quite a few fallow skins available.

    lwcdart...if you read this i hope you don't mind me suggesting you as a possible solution to Ash's request.

    Regards to you both.


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    Are we talking neck or head shot only or will anything do?
    I sold some on Ebay once (uncured) and posted them frozen and quite well insulated on a next day delivery service. The chap that bought them said they arrived in good condition and he managed to feed his dogs on the meat he scraped off! I would suggest a rapid service would be best. Where are you Ash? Might be able to deliver?
    I've got two dark brown 'Menil' mature Does in the chiller at the moment which will only end up in the bin. They are both chest shots though. Yours if you want them.

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