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Thread: Full-Time Keepering position In the Highlands

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    Full-Time Keepering position In the Highlands

    Hi All

    I have been applying for keepering positions for a while now and not even got an interview so I am gonna try on here. So here goes, You know how this all works estates usually already know who they are going to take on when positions come available and usually it is someone who has heaps of current experience that they take on and not necessarily the best or most proactive candidate.

    I am 35 years of age and trained in grouse keeping and pest control although I have not been in keepering for 20 years I do have 500 acres of ground that I have permission on and have a proven pest control program for the farm and I do help with deer culls in both forest environment and hill ground so well rounded experience in regards to working in the industry. I have a full drivers license, and open FAC as well as SGC with no criminal record. I am fully Diclosed by disclosure Scotland and also a member of the PVG Scheme. I love fishing and shooting and have commercial experience in both. I am also well versed in dealing with the public and fully IT literate. I have the ability to work on my own merits creating my own scheduling as well as working as part of a team. I am eager energetic and willing to learn any new tasks that I need to learn.

    I am married with 4 children, however, if the position is in the Highland region I am willing to travel with no problem and accommodation is not a problem.

    My ideal position would be an underkeeper/beatkeeper position or asst stalkers position preferably on a mixed grouse/deer estate but would consider anything, although I have no experience in rearing.

    thank you for taking the time to read this



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    all the best in your search it won't be easy when you've been out for a while
    been quite a few jobs in shooting times last few weeks
    regards pete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator View Post
    all the best in your search it won't be easy when you've been out for a while
    been quite a few jobs in shooting times last few weeks
    regards pete
    Yer I have applied for all thats been close by and not even one interview, there was one for an estate that is literally on my back door and got a letter saying sorry the position got filled after them sending me a letter saying they would interview me after the closing date. It is a nightmare, gladly my boss throws work my way in regards to deer so I am hoping for a good season ahead but this is just putting the feelers out as I want to get back into it fulltime.

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    atb mate in your search,its hard getting back in,doug,

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    atb mate in your search,its hard getting back in,doug,
    You're not joking Doug

    Good luck Tolluch

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    Getting to know some of your local keepers through some beating, etc can help. That way people can put a face to the name and you can get your name in circulation. There is stiff competition, especially for the good jobs. Sometimes knowing someone within the industry who can put a word in can make all the difference. Good luck.

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    I know a lot of keepers and contractors . Always get told the usual . Get your name down blah blah but most of the time its up to factors and estate managers or you have a heap of keepers at one time wanting to shift and they just advertise to keep it legal. Thank you all gor the support I am sure something will eventually come my way

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    Are you registered on the Gamekeepers Welfare site run by Helen Benson Tulloch?

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    Aged 35 and not been keepering for 20 years!!!

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    Read it again Red Dot. I did a double take. He is saying he does not have twenty years experience

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