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Thread: Harris Bipod S-LM

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    Harris Bipod S-LM

    Harris bipod model S-LM 9 - 13 inches, notched, swivel, weight 14ozs. In original plastic bag with instructions. Indistinguishable from new as only been fitted to rifle on one occasion. I then discovered that I could not shoot prone owing to a neck problem, so the bipod has sat in a cupboard ever since.
    60 posted.

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    Provisionally sold to Jeff pending payment.

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    Thanks mate,
    PM me how you would like that payment & ill get it over to you.

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    you beat me by ten minutes Jeff...the early bird and all that..
    if anything changes in the sale i will take it
    Cheers Tikka595

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    Roy, thats on its way to you.
    Many thanks.


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    Sorry about that Tikka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff View Post
    Roy, thats on its way to you.
    Many thanks.

    Thanks for the payment. Posted to you at 10.44 this morning RM 1st class parcel.

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    Hello Roy, Bipod received in the post this morning. Many thanks mate.

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