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Thread: Also alternative

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    APEL alternative

    To those of you with sauer 202's, what alternatives mounts are available other than Apel swing offs/or fixed. I'm know warne do rings but they seem a bit bulky.

    Anyone know of alternative ,I can live without swing offs ,in fact I would prefer fixed.
    Do Talley make a sauer rings and bases?
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    I bought some leupold 30mm quick release rings and bases last year, (SGC £110)A 56mm S&B scope needs extra high rings so they wouldnt fit and never got fitted, stuck to the apels. Regards, Dave.

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    EGW makes a one-piece Picatinny rail for the 200 and 202 and SHR 970.

    Talley makes their QR rings and bases, which are very nice, but a little high if you are trying to use the open sights.

    EAW makes nice twist off with returns to zero.

    The Warne bases are very low and slim, come in matte and gloss. I am putting them on my Sauer 200, replacing the Leupold base and rings so I can use the open sights and enjoy carrying a lighter Sauer.

    The rings are a bit heavy steel, but other Weaver style rings of alloy will work well. Weight is relative. It is the entire weight of the rifle, bases, rings and scope with matters. If you are using a huge 30mm tube scope which weighs 24 ounces, does 2 more ounces in the rings matter?

    On the other hand, if you shave weight off the scope by using a 6x42, a 2-7x35mm, or a 3-9x36mm which only weights 12 ounces, do the rings matter that much?

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    Leuplold QD rings and bases seem to be fine on both mine.

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    Not too worried about weight as such more that they firstly work and hold zero and 2nd they look the part going on this

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Beautiful wood on the Stutzen, huntsman. What chambering is it and what loads does it like?

    Talley 2-piece bases for Sauer 200 and 202, fixed or QD rings
    Talley 2-Piece Scope Base Sauer 202 Matte

    Leupold makes their own QR bases and rings
    Leupold 2-Piece Quick-Release Scope Base Sauer 202 Gloss
    and also
    QRW quick release bases and rings of the Warne slotted style. I don't know if they make bases for the Sauer. I have used them on a .30-06 and a .375 H&H with complete return to zero. I tested them by shooting a box of 270-gr loads, 4 and a time, 5 removals and remounts of the scope.

    Leupold QRW Quick-Release Weaver-Style Rings
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    It's in 308win , unfortunately its gone back to the Sauer hospital in Germany , because it's got I believe a foreend issue .
    It could be very accurate from time to time with ammo such as fedaral fusion 150 gr and hornady interlocks 150gr flat base, but the hornady wrecked the deer.
    I hope it's nothing too serious.

    Thanks all for the info I'll try and source the talley stuff first and then if not the leupolds. Whichever I'm going to give the quick release stuff a wide berth. Keep it simple!!
    The Apel QR I found to be a nightmare, and possibly half the problem.
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    Lots of good advice already, but I'd also check out Alan Rhone's as IMO no one offers a better selection of top-quality mounts for all applications in the UK.
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    I went with leopold QR mounts an they are very good quality, plus I have tested them and they are pretty much still on zero when you take the scope off and reattach them.

    you'll around £100 for the bases and rings and it's good because you can use several scopes if you want to.


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    I run Warne and have had nothing but good experience, back to zero with QRs
    - Warne on .375 H&H, .30-06 and .270 Steyr interchanging, .308 Steyr SBS.
    - Leupold QRW on two SHR 970s sharing a scope. Used QRW 30mm on a .375 H&H.
    - German claw mounts on .30-06 and 7x64mm, and 8x60 Mauser and 8x57R combination gun
    - EAW twist off on Steyr M Professional
    - Griffin & Howe on .375 H&H and on M1 Garand, and on a Brevex Mauser in .375 H&H
    - Paul Jaeger on Mauser
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