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Thread: Suffolk Show

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    Suffolk Show

    Evening lads and lassies.

    Was just wondering if any of my fellow SD members attended this years Suffolk Show? I took the family there today and had a fantastic day. Got to try a Buffalo and Zebra burger (both rather disappointing to be honest).

    What i did notice was a lack of field sport related trade stands there, is this normal practice with them only attending game fairs etc?

    I did manage to meet a professional photographer who has taken some amazing photos of some of the Red deer around this area of Suffolk who is now in my contacts list for buying some rabbits from me which is always a bonus.

    I am a little sore tho as I thought it would be a good idea to get there for 0730 hrs this morning to ensure we did not miss anything, we did not leave the show until almost 1800hrs tonight so to say the legs are a bit sore is an understatement.


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    Hi I didn't go to the show but I used to go there every year but the field sports stands got few reach time the fenland show in August is still very good and later in the year there's a stalking show at Newark a stalking show it's going to be like the show at Kelso I went to the first one it was great bazil

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