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Thread: police visit tommorrow

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    police visit tommorrow

    i finally have my police visit tommorrow,i have the biscuits lots of tea and coffee. I have finished my cabinet but not bolted it in just in case its in the wrong place . im abit nervous but it will soon be over with a nice fac so i will keep you all posted,wayne.

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    Relax man, I got myself all wound up but it was painless and went better than expected.

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    thanks for the reply si yes im sure everything will be ok it will be nice to get it out of the way so i can relax. will let you know how i get on,wayne

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    yey all is well ,nice bloke to deal with i hadnt fastened my cabinet in as i wasnt sure it was ok where i wanted it but it was fine,i explained to him my cabinet was home made and a brow was raised untill he saw it and that turned into you have done a good job there.hes coming back next week with ticket in hand after cabinets bolted in so i can pick my 270 up as soon as he comes back

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    Nice one

    I've a feeling it's gonna be a long week

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    yes i recon but happy days cant wait to get my scope on and ashes nice new sling and finally getting to shoot the damn thing.

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