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Thread: .243 metal targets

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    .243 metal targets

    i know this has been covered in other forms but want to make sure i am not doing something silly! i want to make some steel targets to shoot from 200 and 250 meters either a gong or a deer or fox target with hardened steel over kill zone, i will be shooting with a .243 using 90 - 95 grain expanding ammunition, currently hornady 95gr SST (super soft tip) will i be safe enough to shoot both hanging and fixed targets at this range with these types of bullets and calibre? Or should i just get off my lazy ass and walk the 250 meters to see if I hit it?

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    There are some folk on UKVarminting who know about this kind of shooting. You need to give some thought to the size of the danger zone round the gong. The Truth About Steel and Steel Targets Daily Bulletin is worth a read too.

    Regards JCS

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    If you intend to leave them around you range get some old rail sleepers and make a jacket trap to catch any splash just two uprights and a top doorway like saves any copper shards cutting anything you don't wish to damage we used to use 6 " galvo nails , nail them in the uprights then chop the heads off the hammer the tops on over them to keep it all tidy and strong.

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