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Thread: Least appropriate toy

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    Least appropriate toy

    While filling in the questionaire about likes and dislikes, I hesitated at the question "favourite toy". It made me think back to all the toys I had which in todays pinky left safe society would make your toes curl.
    Putting matches into old barrell keys and heating them over a match till they ignited and flew out. I took this a step further and ground off several match heads as a propellent and squeezed closed a split shot and rammed it down the key...........Got caught shooting holes in cardboard boxes at some distance!

    Carving darts and launching them from a whip into............somewhere?

    Bows and arrows


    Oh happy days! Over to you............................................... .........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    Peg guns!
    I need an explaination.

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    Hi Buckup,
    You nail a strong peg to a piece of wood and at the other end fastened a lacky band. You then put a sharpened lollipop stick into the lacky band and then into the jaws of the peg. Then you aim it at the big Ginger Tom from next door!

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    I know the type! We used to make them with two bits of wood forming a cross, like a low powered crosbow!

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    Thats the ones! We had lots of fun with those bloody things!

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    Dads and Grandads allways were the best teachers, but why did they then give us a and deny all knowledge when we got caught by our mums?

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    blow guns using a bic pen and a bit of , well what ever would blow through it
    chem teacher used to hate us

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    Is that how Bernard the spider eating monkey met his end Stone? Poor Bernard, cruel Stone.

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    Dutch Arrows, bloody deadly at 80 yards,

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