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Thread: The Chilcot Enquiry

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    The Chilcot Enquiry

    Five years after being set up and after ongoing delaying tactics, it looks like the enquiry into Britains role in the Iraq war might finally see the light of day. Though shamefully, Tony Blaire looks to have avoided the embarrassment of having the full extent of his double dealing with Bush exposed for all to see. We will now only get the "Gist" of exactly what was said in the countless phone calls and letters between the two.

    No doubt Blaire will be extremely relieved about this (despite his denials of obstructing and delaying the outcome)

    It looks like the vast money making machine that he has created for himself after leaving office (estimated at £80 million to date) will continue to roll on without the embarrassment of having any of its wheels fall off.

    If the Chilcot Enquiry is not allowed to be published in full transparency, we will never really know if what many have suspected all along, that parliament was misled and that Britain was committed to entering a war on the back of deliberate untruths and spin by Tony Blaire and his cronies, after a commitment was given by Blaire to back America in the war, come what may.

    Any views on on the above guys?
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