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Thread: New Toy[s]...yipppeeeee!!!

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    New Toy[s]...yipppeeeee!!!

    Just arrived this new .17HMR rifle, with hard case, a 4x32 scope, mounts and Wildcat silencer!

    ...sorry the pics arent the best...look forward to zeroing it in but i may swap my scopes around a bit now!!!

    My air rifle scope may become my hmr one as it has a bit more magnification.

    also this evening......managed to get what i thought was going to be a Baikal s/s 12g very cheap i think, only to find it is an AYA s/s 12g. Threw in a bag full of shells, moleskin shirt [lol], leather shell belt, slip, and padded wooden gun box with cleaning stuff!!!!

    its been a good day...shame its too dark to go out and play!!!! some of my new shottie as well as the hmr.

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    Hmmm that scope looks huge for a 4x32. Sorry but I cannot make out the make of the rifle. Yep I am not up to speed on the new stuff but I do reconside the Nikko Sterling emblem on the scope.

    Once you get it zeroed et us know how it performs.

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    hi...sorry a bit of a mistake...the first set of pics were of the rifle, a Sterling mod. 1700 .17hmr with the nikko mountmaster 4x32....

    but i decided to have a play and swap that scope onto my s410 .22 air rifle. i have put the hawke map pro scope onto the new rifle in the last shots!! there is a bit more range for magnification 3-9x56 for the hmr.

    the AYA cost me a couple of bags of dog food!! so i think i got a bargain there off of someone whos renewal is coming round and couldnt be bothered to relocate the safe from the attic as is now the norm for our force area.

    ...the markings on the barrels are as follows [if anyone can tell me what they mean]both barrels are stamped 18.5, one has 3 'stars' one has 1 'star', one has 1270 AYA stamped on it and 1360g, the other has 90.0kgs? and there is a v*1 as well. i know the 'stars' relate to choke but not sure what i have got. here are some pics.


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    if you have one put on a higher mag scope on the HMR as you can get some good range out of the little round .

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    It looks a very nice rifle TokaS and I am sure you will have some great fun with it.

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    Always a good feeling when something follows ya home have fun

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    AYA stars mean * full *** half.
    If it is a non ejector and has flat file cut rib then it is a Yeoman model.

    AYA also produced a "super solway" which was a 32" version with half and full chokes, 3" chambers and non ejector.

    No.3 spec also varied and priduced some short barrelled concave ribbed guns upto a 30" varsion 3" chambered.

    Edit* just looked at your pictures and it is a Yeoman.

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    Model can also be confirmed with the lettering "Mod. Yeoman" on the left barrel.

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    cheers it is the yeoman, half and full, it is in great nick and well worth the two bags of dog food, never mind the extras!! it also fits a bit better than my other o/u shotgun so i think i may be keeping this one and getting rid of my other one.

    i cant tell if it is 3" mag cartridges 90.0kgs is stamped on the metal somewhere but i'm not sure if this is a pressure reading, or if suggests it is 2 3/4" or 3"?


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