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Thread: Walnut bolt knob

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    Walnut bolt knob

    I shot a Heym sr21 the other day and really like the look and feel of walnut bolt knob.

    I'm thinking of making one for my Remi 700 has anyone ever tried this or am I being a nutter.

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    a walnuter, no why not go for it let us know how you get on,

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    Wooden bolt knobs or Horn were very popular in cold climates. Barberger offered them as options I seemt o recall on their rifles. German gunmakers offered horn and even trigger guards out of horn so nope your not nuts. Horn or good wood is far better than plastic which some modern makers offer.

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    Ok I'll have start looking how to jig my bolt in the lathe to shape and thread it, when I get some spare time in the workshop.

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    Look on here. a picture of a Varberger with wooden bolt knob. || PO:s Kolvmakeri - 2014 || Most varberger bolts i have seen here had a plastic or wood bolt knob fitted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagare View Post
    Look on here. a picture of a Varberger with wooden bolt knob. || PO:s Kolvmakeri - 2014 || Most varberger bolts i have seen here had a plastic or wood bolt knob fitted.

    Somewhere I have or at least had a Lakelander catalogue those too were offered with Horn and wood bolt knobs. My interest in the Model 1892 Steyr was sparked by one that I found on a stand at a Bisley Pistol meeting. It was of course in 6.6x53R and was cased and at a good price. I went and did a bit of research on them and enquired about a variation but the time all this was done of course it had sold. So in the meantime a year or so later I bought a 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser that had been commercially sporterised. Then several years later I spotted another Model 1892 however it was nott eh one I ended up buying. Again at a Bisley arms fair pistol meeting being long banned by then.

    The rifle was with the same dealer that had the cased one years before however when examining it in the flesh it was not int eh condition he claimed and was over priced. Luckily out club treasurer whom I met at the show spotted a nice on high up on a rack which we looked at before finding mateys stall. This one was a real sleeper so we looked then handed it back to find the dealer. Then things went down hill so I went and got the other to show him and asked him honestly which one would YOU have? his face said it all. It then turned out that he had got the rifle on commission sale from another dealer whom not only I knew but had dealt with before. I bought the Rigby built Model 1892 for under half the price the first dealer wanted for a poorer condition one. Sadly neither had the Horn bolt knob and I wa snot about to start cutting up the Rigby.

    Mauser Obendorf also offered Horn bolt knobs and the modern model the M95 "Slide Bolt" had a thermo plastic bolt knob:-

    Note the bead blasted finish all over which was then blacked ....................... another cost cutting modern idea .

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    I'm now convinced I'm not nuts. I want a larger bolt handle anyway do I copy a 'tacticool' handle in walnut, want something a bit larger as that's what I'm used to and find it easier in the cold or in gloves.

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    my 300WM came with a wooden bolt knob
    previous owner put it on, piece of pool cue shaped and glued on if I recall

    looked good but too big for me as it stuck into my back when carrying on the hill!
    (yes I know I could have turned it over but the way I want to carry it is muzzle down slung over my left shoulder.....)

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    question? do you have any walnut,i have a slice off a 682 gold e berretta about a quarter of an inch thick sliced off the back end of my clay gun no good to me, i suppose you could laminate it before shaping,

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    I have some over 100 year old seasoned Walnut from a broken stock for a Birmingham made hammer gun (12 bore sbs) I cut the stock up for a couple of projects.

    Ask you friendly locla gunshop and they probably have something laying around.

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