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Thread: Every day general hiking cross trainer recommendation

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    Every day general hiking cross trainer recommendation

    Ok Folks
    bought a pair of millets
    own brand cross trainer light hiking style thing for every day general wear, haven't had fm 6 months & can't even walk along a gravel drive now & feels like wearing slippers & get all sharp digs from the even surface .... Still waterproof to an acceptable standard but just not fit for anything other than high street pavrment

    2nd pair o cheap footwear (40 quid ish) that the soles went same wsy

    Any recommendions on a every day general dicking bout style trainer / light hiking shoe ??


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    in my opinion you can't beat a pair of merrell trainers. I've had both their moab and chameleon models. I prefer the chameleons but that's down to personal preference/sizing etc. I pretty much wear them every day and they've also taken me up Ben Nevis, Scafell Pyke and Snowdon. Great shoes!

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    Thats some review!!!!!!

    think if can do that ( coz I couldn't ) then merrel be fine for me the !

    thank you

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    I found these to be much better than the Merrel's which just don't seem to be as well made as they once were

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    Absolutely agree on the Merrells. Only yesterday I bought a second pair of Moab Mids - and the were only 60-odd quid. Goretex lined, Vibram sole. Stalked in them, walked, scrambled, round town - you name it. Excellent all round shoes that have lasted extremely well.
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    Merrels are pretty good, but the key is to try on a few styles and see what's comfortable. Just steer clear of any own brand stuff or anything priced too good to be true. A half decent outdoor shop should have somebody who can help you choose and fit them if you want, rather than just bring you the size to try on and then wander off.
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    I'm on the lookout for something similar myself, as I've just worn through the soles of yet another pair of Karrimors.

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    Meindl Respond GTX are very hard wearing, comfy and waterproof. Pretty much what I wear when I'm stalking just now. Pricey, but I got mine for 50 second hand off Feebay, always worth a nose around on there for stuff that folk have decided doesn't quite fit etc.

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    Another vote for Merrell Moabs. I wear mine every day whether on the rearing field, in the woods, in town- I even wore them to a wedding the other day
    I've had two pairs of goretex ones and two pairs of normal ones and they're all so comfy.

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    I used to wear boots all the time (decent civvi fabric ones)
    then I decided to go to shoes, tried hi-tec ones, made my feet stick, and fell apart.
    then 2 yrs ago I bought a pair of merrell chameleon gtx.
    worlds apart. As a previous poster said, they'll do anything.
    only drama for me is that after 2 yrs I need a new pair. The upper is fine, sole is slick!

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