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Thread: Swarovski Z6i G2 5-30x50 P BT

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    Swarovski Z6i G2 5-30x50 P BT

    Hi all I'm thinking of changing one of my scopes, I have been looking at the Z6i G2 5-30x50 P BT has any one got one or any information on how good these are, I'm using a 2.5-10x56 so a good scope over all but having a look around and the BT system once set up look's easy to use

    Thanks for any feed back

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    Overall, you will not be disappointed with a Swarovski scope. Having owned a Z6i with BT for the last eighteen months or more, I'm not sure I'd have the BT option again for the additional cost - but it does work OK (as long as you can see the reference points!). The idea of the custom ballistic turret is nice, as long as you are utterly consistent with your ammo (and their choice of software for the calculations).
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    You will be happy as a pig in do do's iv just moved over to the z61 -18 x50 BT it was on my 6.5x47 but i sold the scope on my .308 so moved it over ! i like it so much that i now need to find another but in x56 bri ret for the 6.5 G1 or 2

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    Paul I thought you could only get this model in a 18x50 I did not think they made in a 56 ??

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    Thanks thats pants yer just had a look you are spot on , need a hunting/and range scope beyond 800 ! anyone use ZEISS VICTORY with asv ? and how do's it stack up ?
    thanks for the info.
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    Have been using this scope for the past year now, was a birthday present to myself and worth every penny I spent. I can agree that the BT is not essential unless you like playing around with long range targets, but I have never needed to use it when out stalking. Should be the last scope you will ever need to buy and service and backup from Swarovski is second to none.

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    I have the scope that you are thinking of buying I know that they are expensive but when bought well worth it in my eyes! Easy to work with once you get it set up to your ammo, You are just a few clicks away for different ranges saves holdover and I think it's the dogs dangly bits

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    Plus 1 on this scope. I have the exact scope you are looking at and cannot fault it. Absolutely fantastic glass and the ballistic turret is so easy to use out to 400 yards or whatever you set it at for that matter. Cannot praise these scopes enough.

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    Well guys thanks for all your comments, all good on that scope looks like that account going to be 2k less on Monday hope her in doors don't find out

    Once again guys thanks

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    I have this exact model and it is a fantastic scope. I have other top end scopes but in my opinion the glass on this Swarovski is the best. Just beware that if you want to shoot long range target, i.e. 600 yards plus, this scope has limited elevation adjustment.

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