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Thread: Calls (duck and geese)

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    Calls (duck and geese)

    I am looking at buying my first call for duck and geese, and I was wondering what the collective wisdom is about the best value for money call I could get. It really is a minefield out there with so many calls and prices, but I really want something that is as robust and easy to use as well as economical as possible. I am not interested in how it looks, whether it is engraved etc. Something that will simply improve my chances calling my quarry (namely greylags, pinkfeet, teal, widgeon and mallard). I know that different calls are designed for different birds, and I am also not able to purchase all of them. Depending on what people recommend, and budget allowing I will make a decision, so please let me know what you would recommend for each. Many thanks and straight shooting to all!

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    I always have a widgeon whistle in my pocket or bag when I am wildfowling, you can very often get any species of duck to take interest with a few toots on that, and they cost about 2 quid. I normally buy 5 or 6 at a time. They have the benefit that you can keep them in your left cheek (if you are right handed) and just get them in position and whistle without any movement.

    The typical "scotch" type mallard and goose calls work well but if I think about it I have probably shot more mallard called to a widgeon whistle than anything else.

    I have never shot Pinkfeet. Only see a few each season down here but Greylags are a piece of piss to call, if you practice you can do their "gal gak gak gak" call just with your voice and that can convince them to take a closer look.

    I would say that whatever you get, get a few widgeon whistles as well, like I say they are cheap as chips and pretty effective. I have no experience with any of the newer calls as I have never felt I have needed them.

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    I normally buy my widgeon whistles from Richardsons in Halesworth but that's a long way from Lancashire so...

    Acme 504 Widgeon Call |

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    The wooden sonderman 66 duck call is an easy call to use and very effective.A few clips on youtube will give you on idea of how to use one,generally making a "fd" noise for the quack. Relatively inexpensive
    there are other plastic/acrylic calls which are also worth getting,the double reed type calls,again easy to use and very efficient.

    I have never been able to make any decent sound with a gooseflute call of any kind,I had a Canada call that looked like it belonged in a sex shop,and you just shook it to make a noise,looked really odd at the time so I didn't use it again,made a decent noise though..

    I have an Archie Jordan call that i can get a tune out of but I wouldn't say I'm proficient,again a wooden type call and fairly easy to use,just needs getting used to.

    I cant remember the make of my widgeon call but its black and looks like a small funnel l,i think its the Buck Gardner type call very easy to use and makes a good sound.

    The Americans area way ahead on this stuff than us,and they've got some excellent dvds and calls out.

    Coincidentally I remember a keeper on the Island able to call geese with his voice,seen him do it quite often.

    Tidepool Widlfowling products | wildfowl calls, decoys, clothing and accessories these have all the calls you need and i think its where i got the majority of mine from.
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    OLT if you can find them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jubnut View Post
    but Greylags are a piece of piss to call, if you practice you can do their "gal gak gak gak" call just with your voice and that can convince them to take a closer look.
    its quite funny you should say that as ive only ever seen one greylag whilst out shooting whilst sat on a lake waiting for some canadas to come in we had no decoys out and the graylag was flying on his own which i must admidt i think helped my chances of calling him, but as soon as i called he came in and to be honest i think i could have called him into my lap and i always remember how easily he came in. i do use calls but to be honest i cant remember what i bought but i will say take a good look at the yanks as there worlds ahead of us regauarding calling and youtube can be invaluable if only to listen to people using differnt calls and seeing what sounds they can get from them

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    psyxologos cut two twelves heads off with sharp knife used of course, leave one as long as the brass head one twice as long spot o glue on longer one push inside other so the brass meets on both ends and youve got a teal or widgeon whistle,simples,ps forgot to say knock out old primers with a nail first,had one in my pocket for four years,works on foxes too,Attachment 42751 all the best doug,
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    Many thanks gentlemen. I will have a look at all your suggestions. Doug, this looks good and easy. I will give it a go!

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    Hi , dj calls are by far the best make I have used , worth every penny. Also for Canada's try the Canada hammer

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