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Thread: Shooting website

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    Shooting website

    Hi I am looking for people's views. I want to set up a website for shooters it will cover everything from basic set up, how to call wind,all areas of ballistics ie cold bore shooting,spin drift,Ballistic coefficient and loads more. Their will be video uploads, shooting data uploads and pictures and more. Their will be 1 fee to become a member and that will be it. Their will also be a question and answer page. Thanks for reading look forward to your views

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    Its been done to death already and for free as well
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    why pay for something when you can just google it!
    Many resouces out there.
    Even youtube and save actually having to read it!

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    Thanks for the points looking to do it for free instead of paying a 1. I know their is a lot if stuff out their but hopefully with my experience as a sniper and what I have done around the world might bring something different to the party

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    I think people are getting the wrong idea with what I am trying to do. I am not just putting random stuff up what you find on google and places like that. I was going to give shooting tips, shooting formulas made easy and how we teach our sniper students to make them a better shot hope this clears it up a little

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    Doesn't cover that sort of thing already and is a long established website with correspondents from all around the world.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    crack on then mate.
    Nothing stopping you.
    Not quite sure why you need to ask people to do it though.
    If it makes you happy great.
    Have you any experience in website writing?
    Its not that easy.

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    I have a mate who is all over it I just wanted to ask people if they would be interested ow if I was wasting my time thanks for your points mate that's why I did it get peoples thoughts in it

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    what background do you have ?
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    I can't say to much on hear mate but I am a serving sniper in the army and a sniper instructor

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