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Thread: CZ 527 in 223 / 222 experiences

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    CZ 527 in 223 / 222 experiences

    How does the cz527 perform as a fox rifle. It's very practical, light, handy in the car, etc..... Just like a toy. Is the accuracy as good as full sized rifles like Howa/Remington/Tikka ? It has a 1-12" twist, so light bullets are probaly the only way to go?

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    the 1 in 12 would be my choice anyway, but the 527 Varmint is a tighter twist, 1 in 9 from memory.
    As for as accurate, in my experience yes, actually probably more likely to be good from the box, and
    better still no plastic parts.
    I still have the 2 527's, .22 hornet and 7.62x39 and would not change them for any other make, I sold
    a .223 a few years ago and now have a Browning A-Bolt, wish I hadn't done that


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    I really regret selling my CZ527 in 223. Light, compact and accurate but I had a severe case of 'i wants a new gun' and didn't realize how much I enjoyed using it until it was gone.

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    I used to find mine erratic but it was so long ago I can't say for sure if it was the rifle's fault or mine It was cheap, pretty and a nice size but I had my sights set on a .223 scout so as soon as one came up I swapped it. Would love to go back in time and see what it could have done with a better piece of glass on it as that may have been part of the problem!

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    Have a look at a 527 Ebony edition, pretty sure they are still available special order. Full sized stock / rifle, jewelled bolt, single set trigger and a barley twist barrel. On special offer last year it was only 80 more than a standard 223 american which i also found to be too small for me. They also hardly ever come up on the second hand market which says a lot !. Regards, Dave.

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    Have a 527 varmint which has a 1:9 twist. Will easily shoot bullets up to 70gr as well as lighter ones. I find it very accurate and use 52gr amax with benchmark with BR primers and can one hole at 100yds. As a fox rifle I have no complaints it is cheap to load for will put up with being carted around in the back of the van. I have the Kevlar stock which is broad enough at the fore end to rest on the wing mirror without slipping. The trigger straight out the box needed adjusting but now is fine. The all metal magazine and trigger guard are a bonus at the price if the CZ. Would I buy another, no, as I'm not selling this one!!
    go and pick one up and see if it fits. If it does then buy it you will not be disappointed.


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    have 222 light accurate excellent value trigger ok after run in /adjustment as hornet says no plastic only problems I have had are getting mounts and mag feed I think its the sharp lips at the top and a strong spring 3 its fine 5 bit obstructive, overall for the price 8/9 out of 10

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    lovely foxing rifle have a 527 .222 and just as accurate as my m8s tikka t3 lite in .223 identically the same accuracy and mine is a lot lot light and not a chunky thing so i prefer it to the tikka ok triggers not as nice but with it beeing polished id know what id rather use

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    I just sold one in full stock 223 only because I was not using it enough to justify keeping it, 40 grain ballistic tips just absolutely laser accuracy, one on top of the other, 55 grain not so much but still acceptable

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    I have a friend who has 222 cz its un moderated but he swears by it, they may have fallen out of fashion but they are very accurate and not to difficult to re load.

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