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Thread: browning BLR magazines...

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    browning BLR magazines...

    Hey folks.... My BLR is a belgium made (1972) .308 . Can anyone point me to magazines for it? All I am finding is for newer models and they are just too expensive to take a chance... Mine is fine, just would like to have a spare. Have a good gunshop close, but the old guy is having some health issues and the place is closed until at least September... Thanks for any tips...

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    PM sent

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    CDNN Sports - Huge Savings on Guns and Magazines carries a huge amount of factory magazines, and they buy inventories of closeouts and going-out-of-business, so they have lots of spare stocks, pistol grips, and other accessories.

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    thanks! I have sent a few emails to CDNN, midway, brownells, and a couple others I found on google... all show for the newer models... At least I have one to use......

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    There are quite a few dealers in the USA who do not sell on the Internet, but just at gun shows. They specialize in magazines, iron sights, buttplates, used stocks. I will have cards for some of them which I picked up at gun shows, so I will send an email.

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    Just got an email from browning customer service... Said I need to just look for "pre 81".... folks sure are proud of them when you find them

    Thanks, Dave

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