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Thread: federal fusion

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    federal fusion

    hi am looking around at factory ammo for my 30-06 and just wondered if anyone on here has tried the federal fusion rounds,if i believe what i read they are supposed to have excellent weight retention and would like to know if anyone on here as actually tested them in the field.i would be shooting mainly fallow this time of year but also some roe and munties

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    Sorry no field experience with them as yet but they do shoot well from what I have gathered from the WWW.

    I brought some 150 grainers in 270 to try in a fussy BSA 1st Pat Monarch. Having tried all the loads I already had on hand and not getting better than barely fair accuracy I tried some Fusion and voila MOA accuracy.

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    i know federals are incredibly accurate in my remmy 243 but havent tried them in the tika 30-06 yet .using sako hammerhead 180 grn at mo,are pretty accurate but getting very expensive

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    I was using federal Powershok's in my 6.5 which were very effective. But when it came time to buy some more, I couldn't source any within easy driving distance. That's what pushed me over the edge to start reloading.

    Out of my Finnlight I could shoot 3/4" groups with Federals 140gn, and only 1" groups with RWS 140gn. Which is really funny as the RWS hollowpoints looked far more even and better finished than the federal softpoints.

    Atb, ft

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    Have to say I have never been a fan of federal ammo, used some 130gr classic in the 270 last year, pretty unpleasant to shoot.

    All that said, I have found federal to be pretty accurate in a number of different rifles. The fusion are reported to be chemically bonded, so should be fine at 30/06 vels.

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    I used the fed fusion 150gr for a year or two. The first batch of 100 that I bought shot very well and grouped 10mm at 100m and 3/4" at 200m. the second batch grouped 1" at 100yds and I stopped using them. The first batch had all bullets seated at equal length, the second batch was all over the place.
    Bullet performance was very good. On sika I had about 50% heart lung shots exit. The bullets that I retrieved all looked like out of the picture book. Worst weight retention, with heavy bone hit was 84% otherwise more in the 90% area.
    I had one bullet, (don't know why) bounce off the shoulder, seperate and ended with one entrance wound and two exits in the gut area, that was the only bad experience.
    A friend of mine shot sub 1/2" groups out of his 308 Sauer 202 stutzen a few weeks ago.
    Some retrieved bullets, all 308 150gr. Distances between 60 and 270yds.

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    Federal Fusion

    Hi, i have used Federal Fusion for almost 3 seasons now and it wouldbe difficult to get me to change to anything else now, very accurate and great knockdown power, thats in 308 and 150gr.

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    Same as wirehair. 308 with 150gr. All have dropped on the spot a part from a doe which I hit a little low but she still only made 30m.

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    I've used Federal Fusion in my 7mm-08 and found them to be excellent, very accurate and do the job nicely. I've got a recovered bullet from a Fallow, front chest shot that ended up lodged in the back leg and it looked very similar to 'ejg's pics. If I could get them for re-loading I would.

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    Use them in my .270 with no problems and great accuracy also very good expansion on the ones I've recovered from boar & reds I've shot with it & never had a fox complain.

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