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Thread: Dirty Barrel - Good / Clean Barrel - Bad

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    Dirty Barrel - Good / Clean Barrel - Bad

    So I have a rifle that is relatively new to me
    I have probably only put 150-180 rounds through it in total mostly in about 4 sittings messing around or load development with some individual shots when stalking

    I don't normally give it much more than a few patches of KG carbon cleaner, clean the action orifices and a wipe down

    On this diet it happily shoots these (when I do my bit and the load is good!):

    the last one is my best to date!...ever!

    Following a particularly rigorous clean which I felt was probably due (but in hindsight I had forgotten the advice from the previous owner!) it doesn't group AT ALL.

    and by this I mean 4-5"+

    Now I can understand if the barrel was seriously pitted or rough, a bit of copper filling in the surface imperfections and maybe the circa 1" groups open up to maybe 1.5-2" or so with changing friction and velocities.

    But the barrel looks very shiny, pit free and normal when clean, I haven't seen it through a borescope though
    How is this possible?

    I am not a cleaning freak but even by my standards several hundred is making me feel like a bad owner!

    Does anyone else have a barrel that likes neglect?

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    my .308 is crap if its been cleaned, taking around 40 shots before the groups tighten up to how I like them again. I do find it hard to sit on my hands and leave it filthy though

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    I re rarely clean my barrels and get my dealer to do it at the end of the year. However, saying that, when I used my barrels in I used to clean after every shor for the first ten shots. I do t bother breaking barrels in anymore. On the rare occassion when I do clean I always need to shoot a fouling shot because the first shot after a cleaning is. Always high.

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    I like to keep my barrles clean a pull though after every shot and clean it right out after 15 -20 shots I am sure that your barrel will last longer if kept clean and free off carbon and crap ,but that's just me ,mine shot well on a clean barrel

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    What calibre is it? My .222 is a bit like this.

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    I have a 30-06 and a 303 that do the same thing . Both have bright ,shiny bores though like you, I don't have a bore scope . The 06 consistently shoots MOA until I clean it , then it opens up to 2.5 to 3 MOA for about 6 rounds . The Parker - Hale 303 does about the same . I only scrub them out when I see copper build up , about once a year . Other than that , I leave them alone . On the flip side , I have another 06 that starts to open up groups after about 20 to 30 rounds and shoots great from a clean bore . As a wise man once said " Every rifle is a law unto itself " . Some of them just have some quirks.


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    only reason i cleaned it was the fact I could see copper on all on the lands inside the muzzle!!

    never again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    only reason i cleaned it was the fact I could see copper on all on the lands inside the muzzle!!

    never again!
    I never clean them unless they get dust or debris, and then I use a patch with a SCANT drop of Break Free on it, and push it through. Then I dry it with two patches. Hell. My 7-08 has never had the copper removed. Shoots better and better each time out.~Muir

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    My Ruger M77 MkII 6.5 x 55 hates being cleaned, clean it and the best you get is 3" groups. Leave it alone with an occasional pull through with a bore snake and it will constantly deliver 1" groups.

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