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Thread: Decent SecondHand Stalking Binoculars

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    Decent SecondHand Stalking Binoculars

    Looking to buy a decent second hand binoculars for stalking that don't break the bank.
    Anybody have some that need a new caring home.

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    Have a look at Wex photographic. They have Nikon Prostaff 7 8x42 for 99 on offer !

    On Friday evening my pal and I took my brother out on the Roe. My brother is new to stalking and bagged his first deer (Roe buck). He had bought a pair of the Nikon Prostaff 7 8x42, which looked very good in normal light and are lightweight.

    My pal and I (Zeiss and Swaro owners) had a good look through them between 2130 and 2200 as the light faded into darkness and in field conditions.
    Shock Horror !! Yes the Zeiss (approx. 2yrs old) and the Swaro (7x42 Porro prisms 1996 vintage) were slightly brighter and slightly sharper in those very last minutes to darkness. When I say slightly, that is exactly what I mean too.

    Amazing quality and value. My pal is ordering a pair for travelling. I would too if I didn't already have travelling binoculars.

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    Ive a pair of minox bf10x42 you can have for 100 posted. Im struggling to upload a photo from the phone. Let me know if your interested.


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    the minoxs are very good punching well above there weight

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    Monies recieved.


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    Binos will be posted tomorrow.


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