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Thread: Early bird catches the worm

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    Early bird catches the worm

    Or not, I've made my own saying up, 'early bird sets the alarm for 2.45am switches it off closes eyes for a second and opens them again an hour later'.... Cue me jumping out of bed getting my gear on in a superman sort of style although I did manage to get my pants on the inside of my kecks, grabbed my gear in the vain hope I'd remembered everything and then did the 30 min journey to my ground in 20 mins! Arrived at the ground and straight away a young buck jumped out of the little spinney by where I park the van.. Made my way to the seat and settled in. After tn mins or so a little vixen come across the front of me stopping and sniffing as she went, I did put the crosshairs on the back of her head but did not want too much disturbance so let her carry on..
    shortly after I saw seven fallow in the field opposite the seat, first time I'd seen actual fallow up there after previously seeing plenty of slots around. Now I know they are about so that's roe munty and fallow on the ground.. Not long after they had dissapeared I spied the buck I had the crosshairs on last week (30yds in front of my seat but had a bloody miss fire!) a couple of fields away he vanished and then appeared again then hopped into the wood, I thought he was coming over the fence and down to me but he turned and went back into the wood!
    no sooner had I lost sight of him then a buck appeared out the hedge in front of the field to my left... He mooches about for a while then started to walk away from me and was about to go back the through the hedge so I gave a little pheep and up he looked, a few more blasts and he was trotting towards me and when I had a clear shot a quick shout then boom, no miss fire this week! A reassuring thud and he span round and made a token dash for the hedge. As soon as his head touched the wire he was on the floor and flat out! The first beast with my new blaser and a perfect shot had smashed the heart and liver to smithereens... No need to get the dog to find this one!
    I think he was quite an old boy as he didn't have many teeth and as you may see from the photos his coronets are sloping down towards his eyes... He might have been a fair size in his day? Anyway a nice one to have on the floor, his body size was not the biggest but he will be turned into sausages and burgers ready for all the nice weather we're going to have

    regards, Jez
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    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Nice write up. Thanks for posting.

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    My Royal Marine friend always said, "the early bird catches the worm but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese"

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    Thanks for the writeup and congratulations for the first for your Blaser!!

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    Waidmannsheil Jez!
    Thats the way to go... Well done!
    The good ole Blaser doing its job, congrats....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Well done Jez,
    Blaser blooded .

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    Still a nice looking buck. Well done !

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    Quote Originally Posted by nun_hunter View Post
    My Royal Marine friend always said, "the early bird catches the worm but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese"
    Yes and "the early worm gets eaten"

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