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Thread: reloads for 6.5x55 wanted

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    reloads for 6.5x55 wanted

    i was looking for some accurate loads for my 6.5x55 using bullets from 120 to 140 grn for deer the rifle i am using is a cz any advice most welcome best regards steve

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    I use 46 grains of N160 with a 120/140 grain Barnes TSX.

    WORK UP TO THIS LOAD!!! your rifle may not be the same as mine!

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    I have a CZ 550 in 6.5 X 55 and use Hornady 129 grain Interlock with 45 grains of H4350, very accurate very effective, I also use H4350 for Hornady 140 grainers I can't remember how much off hand, but also very accurate. For the 140 grains I would start somewhere around the 41/42 grains of powder mark if I were you. With regard to the 129 grainers this load is safe in my rifle as always, work up a safe load in your own rifle.

    Hope this helps


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    45.5gn of N160 behind a hornady SST 129gn wrapped in Lapua brass and garnished with a Federal LR Match Primer. Usual caveats apply.


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    Sweet shooting, effective load:

    Lapua 6.5x55 brass
    120 Gn Nosler BT
    Federal GM210M primers
    RL-22 49Gns
    Gives .2" groups at 2836 fps in 22" LW barrel.

    You could go hotter, but ...... no need for normal deer stalking on Roe and Fallow - IMHO.


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    I'll second JAYB's load for the 129 grain Hornadys. My son and I took two fine deer with that load this past fall.~Muir

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