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Thread: Emergency Rogue lion hunt June 2014

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    Emergency Rogue lion hunt June 2014

    I have received a call from a contact today that has a lion available in Zimbabwe near Bulawayo.
    the lion has been notorious for a couple of years but it's attack on cattle have become more frequent recently and locals are now afraid.
    This is a very big trophy lion fair chase hunt and will have to go in the next two or three weeks, hence the price.
    This hunt will only be 13,500 US.
    There is no mark up by me or anyone else, this lion will be taken by the PH regardless of a client being available if nobody can be available in time.
    if anyone is interested let me know and I will put you directly in touch.
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    Does it have a CITIES permit with it?? I may know someone who may be interested, but it would need to have the appropriate permit to export it.
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    Yes Malc, there is a permit for export too if wanted (and you would)

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    Hunt provisionally taken by a member (just checking lion is still available) with another waiting should there be a problem.

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    Should sell 5 x over at that price. Good luck whoever goes.

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    Aye, I wish it was me. It should be a wonderful trip - and not a "canned" animal!

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