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Thread: Sebs First Sika hind

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    Sebs First Sika hind

    Seb with his first Sika Hind shot last week.

    We were looking for an old stag that had been eluding me for the last 2 months, but had I seen him in and around a particular area of my ground, but to be fair he moves on and off the ground.

    We were stalking on the top side to get round the wind when we spotted a different stag and hinds feeding on the edge of the wood, so we made a plan to try and get round them and give me a back drop and see if there were any for taking.
    During this manoeuvre we were dropping down a bank when I spotted a group of hinds and calfs feeding in the wood some 100 yards away.
    We stopped for a look see and I decided that the one to the rear could be shot and it would be ok for Seb this time if he wanted but its my .270 so I asked him but by the time I had finished he was laid down waiting.
    At this point the hind to the rear lifted its head and was looking straight at us, with a quite front foot stamp with the rest of the group lifting there heads. I told Seb take the shot which he did, I donít want to alarm him by saying be blood quick its about to go and he did not have long, He placed the shot a little high (middle Lung) from the reaction I could see and off she went with the others.
    Now its getting dark and its Sika, she ran a good 200 yards shot with a 150gr Nosler partition. into the wood. Seb did most of the honours when we found her and lardering when we got back, but the drag was me again Wadas!! And we both realised we had not much time to find here and were a lucky hence Iím now looking for a dog to track and Malc your right in your reply to my other post thanks.


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    Well as I have aleady stated well done Seb. Used a real calibre as well 270 8)

    So its a Bavarian then Phill

    Catch up soon, think of me this weekend with the terrible trio to take care of.



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    Well done Seb,you never forget your first you look over the moon 8),Phil I bet you was chuffed aswell, even though you had the drag to deal with .

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    Well I can imagine the crack and the weekend ahead, good luck.

    regards to the terrible tio and Sandra and of course Todd.

    It looking like a Bavarian or GWP need to find one now hoping I dont have to travel to far!!.

    wint (Andy)
    He never stopped wittering all the way and its the last thing you need when your on a drag dad this, dad that, dad what if,
    But you are right he will remember.
    What he also needs to learn and Im getting the point across you need to select, Seb as been out like with his first buck several times efore he got the chance.


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    Well done Seb,
    Don't let your dad con you into thinking you will have to help with the drag, thats what dads are for, anyway he needs the exorcise
    Well done phil .
    keep up the good work.
    regards robin

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    nice one mate 8)

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    well done young man, and don't let the old man make out he was a hero dragging it back, he must have forgot he told me that he made you start the drag before he took over. Now wheres that video "pull Phil pull, pull like you are pulling ............................ sister"

    Wadas you are priceless


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    well done seb,and well done phil. think of me having to put up with both of them all the way down south.but at least they are good for dragging

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    Hi Andy,
    We hope you all have a good weekend and Im sure you will.

    I will be coming down passed you in a couple of weeks to visit Charlotte at Harper Adams,
    If you are around we could drop in for a brew.


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    Well done Seb, it looked colder and wetter than Africa!
    Phil, you up to the meet at Shap Wells later in the month?
    Best wishes to you all.

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