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Thread: Fridge freezer for hanging roe

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    Fridge freezer for hanging roe

    I have a good condition upright fridge freezer which I use for game etc, but the fridge compartment won't allow a free hanging roe. As I can do without the freezer bit below I'd like to know if its safe to make it into one single compartment by cutting through. Obviously if its just an insulated division it won't be a problem, but if its filled with tubes of gas and circuits I'm without a chiller of any kind (and possibly hair). Anyone done it or can any fridge mechs offer advice.
    Just so you know, I have no intention of getting the tools on it until I'm 100% its safe to do so (which I'm thinking its not)

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    Can you not 'Google' an exploded view of the said F/F.....just a thought


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    if its a standard fridge freezer chances are the walls are filled with the gas that cools ,cut through and all the gas will escape leaving you with a plastc box that doesnt work.i tried it with a zanussi and the hissing gas said donkey you just dropped a round one

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    Depends on which manufacturer/model but it's a modification that's often made by those converting fridge freezers into curing chambers for salami and dry cured meat production. Here's an example showing no gas tubes in the division, although there is a bit of wiring uncovered that gets tucked out of the way:, just be careful when you cut through.

    Plenty of other examples on the web if you Google 'curing chamber'.

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    Have a word with keith sika dog he will tell you wether it is possible

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    Not an expert in refridgeration, but I think that you would need to install a fan to circulate the air, otherwise mould will occur in the cavity of the carcase.

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