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Thread: wicnchester coyote package

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    wicnchester coyote package

    Hi Im selling my winchester coyote laminate 308, ASE S5 moddy, weaver 1 piece base. The rifle and mod were bought from brock and norris last may, Mike shortened, threaded and re-crowned the rifle to 21". No major dinks except wear and tear, a few scratches on the trigger gaurd. I have taped a foam pad on the stock to raise my cheek weld. It also has a timney trigger fitted

    400 plus rfd to rfd.

    Im having probs posting photos from my Xperia, but can email them.

    Reason for sale?? I packing it in.

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    Some people would pay that for the Varget alone

    Looks like a nice package, sorry to hear your packing it in.

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    Back to the fishing nutty??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingercargill View Post
    Back to the fishing nutty??
    Never stopped bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex View Post
    Some people would pay that for the Varget alone

    Looks like a nice package, sorry to hear your packing it in.
    I thought the varget would help sell.... Its a cracking set up 1 of the best Ive owned, it drills 3 shots into a .387" hole, I used it on paper out to 300yds and the scope holds true.


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    For the interested parties Im in Manchester tomorrow for 3 days on a course. Dont worry if you get no response. Ill get in touch by friday night.


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    Rifle being viewed as the package Monday.


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    Being viewed tomorrow night.


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