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Thread: Stock Project

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    Stock Project

    Decided to build a stock for target use for my 300WM
    The OEM stock is a Monte Carlo with a sharp roll over comb
    I have already lengthened it with a 1.5" recoil pad as I found it short.
    Very good for standing or offhand and occasional prone
    It is just not very comfortable for range use with extended strings

    It also can't be fired by lefties due to the comb (two of my friends were gutted by this as they really wanted to)

    So I decided I wanted something that had:
    - Abmidextrous stock/grip
    - Longer fore-end to place the bipod much further away and closer to the barrel than the current one -possibly spigot mounted
    - Adjustable Butt plate to allow raised shoulder pad
    - Adjustable cheek peice
    - Pillar bedded

    Loosely based on a AICS profile....
    possibly with intregrated trigger guard

    So in the spirit of "how hard can it be"..
    I bought a 90mm thick laminate blank from a chap on eBay:
    Laminated Birch Ply Blank Block - Gun Stock Air Rifle | eBay

    37 is a bargain even if it is 3x30mm glued together!
    Its decent quality and has no voids

    Today was D-Day and I started the process

    Marked out and thumbhole rough drilled out:

    Action void cut out and action screw holes:

    Forward profile rough cut:

    Next I get busy with the air grinder and shape it!

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    nice one bewsher, i look forward to part 2,
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Very cool , keep us posted

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    NO FEAR! I would have tried an MDF one first, just in case... although it may well cost more than the blank your using

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    well it is now going on the recently purchased Mauser Target 308 I picked up and not the 300WM any more (300 looks much better in walnut!)

    began shaping the palm, slow going
    need a more aggressive bit for the die grinder but with trial and error I should have a slightly canted, right hand palm swell, thumbhole stock.
    Picked up an adjustable butt plate to go on too

    aiming for a flat bottom fore-end and a straight lower profile for the butt for use with bags/rests etc

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