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Thread: Selling firearms - why are there so many chancers?

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    Selling firearms - why are there so many chancers?

    A mate of mine is trying to sell a rifle and has advertised it online. He had a bloke come to see it earlier this evening, only for him not only offer £100 less than the asking price of £350, but also to say that he couldn't be bothered waiting for licences and such, and that he could just take it home straight away. Obviously he got the bum's rush, but my mate was pretty shocked by the brazenness of it.

    This isn't the first time I've heard about this kind of thing over here, and I'm sure that on occasion they actually succeed in talking sellers into it. Utterly crazy though, as the seller is pretty much guaranteed to lose the right to hold a hunting licence, and will probably get jail time too.

    I suppose this is one of the risks in selling online though, as it's difficult to screen prospective buyers in advance.

    Does this happen often in the UK too?


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    don't know about UK..... but we get clowns with about anything we advertise...... usually they show themselves before it gets to the point of a visit but they slip thru and have to be ran off... I have no experience selling guns, but have bought all of mine online (egun) and all went smooth... The sellers were all strict about seeing a copy of the jagdschein before ever agreeing to the sale tho...

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    I let my local RFD sell my surplus guns on commission, it solves all manner of legal, security and timewaster issues and so far I have always received an acceptable price.

    atb Tim

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    I've bought 2 rifles and a shotgun from guys on here and had no problems , maybe I've just been lucky ... I've recently bought another rifle straight from an rfd and checked out his reputation before hand but everything's gone smoothly , in the past I've bought guns from rfd or folks I know and it's been all good
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    A chancer for a good deal or a chancer for illegally acquiring a firearm are two completely separate situations. One is quite normal and perhaps just a bit cheeky and the other is potentially dangerous and the police should be involved because a crime has been committed (unless there is good reason to believe it was just stupidity...... but still !!!???).

    I guess anyone could be faced with either when selling online so if you don't have a way of asking the right questions to limit the risk then perhaps let an RFD take care of the transaction on your behalf.

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