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Thread: My progress so far with "llew"

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    My progress so far with "llew"

    Just thought Id post my progress with the mut so far,should anyone be interested.
    My little Teckel,aptly named "llew"(welsh for Lion) will be 17 weeks this week.

    This is my first Teckel,so I'm no expert on the breed at all,but my observations so far have all been positive.
    He's proving to be a lovely little pup,he's got plenty of guts and very determined.
    His legs and his size do not warrant the speed which he can reach,and it's really quite something to watch him run.
    He's been extremely affectionate towards everyone, and literally by my side everywhere,very relaxed and chilled out little dude.
    I still rock him to sleep which i think helps,and he still sleeps with me.

    One thing I've noticed,although, I and the family can put their hands in his bowl and he's shown no sign of aggression when he's eating,if he's got something like a hoof or skin and thinks you want it,your stuffed to get it off him.

    Training wise,talking to a lot of Teckel owners they're not the most obedient of dogs,but that's not why I got him in the first place.
    He seems to respond well to his name when called,walks to heel on the lead,and will sit for a short period of time,he's still very young and im just going in small steps.

    I've tried to keep the introduction regular and often from when he arrived and tried to keep it playful,started with me running with a piece of string with a hoof on the end.
    Feet and heads really seems to switch something on and he goes wild.

    Gradually he's done some very basic tracks,the longest the other day being around 100yrds aged around an hour and a half with a fallow hoof with a few drops of blood,which he did with ease and quite honestly totally amazed me,I know it might not sound a lot,but it's a start,and with some help and guidance can further his and my training.

    My next step is to take him to some live deer to see if he can point/indicate then I'll gradually try and increase the tacks I've been doing.
    He will primarily be my deer dog,but also a companion when stalking for hopefully some years to come.

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    I'd also like to thank the guys on here for all the pms,you know who your are chaps and endless phone calls of help and advice I've tried to listen too,and the many more to come I hope.

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    Well done mate, sounds like he's settling in just fine and you'll enjoy the training.

    Ive enquired about joining the dacshunds/teckels uk trials organisation just awaiting a reply.

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    Arwel sounds like you have gained a great bond with him and you are off to a great start no rush you will have a cracking dog keep up the good work, atb wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman View Post
    Well done mate, sounds like he's settling in just fine and you'll enjoy the training.

    Ive enquired about joining the dacshunds/teckels uk trials organisation just awaiting a reply.
    looks like a very interesting organisation.

    All the family who either watch Goggle box,or read any article with teckels/Dacshunds,they say "they've got a sausage dog like yours"

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