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Thread: Black bear hunt Canada

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    Black bear hunt Canada

    Hello All, I am looking to book a black bear hunt in Canada for next year. Would appreciate both good and bad reviews of any outfitters.

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    Prince George area of British Columbia is a good area lots of big Bears.
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    On the eastern side, I would look at New Brunswick and Labrador, where there are also deer, moose and caribou.

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    Try Y&R outfitters Bathurst New Bruniswick. I went there with my friends on a bow hunt. They could not do enough for you and there are a lot of bears in the area.

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    Only three years after the post

    did you ever go?
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    Going in May. Replied to Kevhumps who has asked a similar question recently, then remembered mine. Rude of me not to thank everyone. Not intentional, just forgot.

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    In the eastern side, I saw lot of black beers. I am so excited to hunt this one.

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    Hi there. I have a contact for accomodation who hooked me up with an Outfitter in Ontario. Pretty much success guaranteed. I shot my Black Bear in the first 3 hours on the opening day.

    Can't recommend highly enough.

    PM me if interested.

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