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Thread: Buck this morning.

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    Talking Buck this morning.

    Excuse my writing not much of a story teller.

    Had good morning out this morning. Never saw alot but was happy too be out anyway. Took walk up the hill, never saw nothing so just sat down and took in the view.
    On way back down the hill saw this fella trying to double back. Got him through the neck at about 50 yards as he crossed a ride above me. Totally unaware i was there. Was to busy watching something else through the trees.
    Best one ive had for a while so well chuffed!
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    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    Looks a nice area and good looking buck - well done.


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    very nice buck great pics doug,

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    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    Nice one. Must get after some more myself

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    Congratulations Pablo,

    Some great scenery there mate.

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    Got it cleNed up this morning. Well happy. Got little bit weight to it aswel, dont know how much but its bleaching atm so will mayb weigh later. Not too fussed about it im just thinking it will look nice on my wall.
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    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    Well done very nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc m View Post
    Well done very nice
    one off the things I love is being up and about in the morning those pics are what its all about .Well done nice buck to top it off .I was out tues morning
    and I watch a stoat stalking a rabbit and sure enough the rabbit took off with the stoat in hot pursuit a min or two latter I heard a scream I gusse it caught up with the rabbit .I then got down from the seat and went to see if I could find the muntjac that had been barking at me sure enough I saw the white tail as it made off as I got over the top of the hill I came face to face with a old roe buck I watch it for a few mins before he trotted off ,I cant shoot the roe hear so I get to watch them witch is nice for a change , sometimes when your just sitting there taking it all in that's when it happens ,hope for many more days like that

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    Lovely scenery, cracking buck....
    Well done and Waidmannsheil!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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