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Thread: Scotland and Independence- an impartial view

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    Scotland and Independence- an impartial view

    I almost hesitate to bring up this whole can of worms again, but I thought that this article may be of interest to some of us on both sides of the border.

    Scotland: What if independence goes horribly wrong? - health - 30 May 2014 - New Scientist

    Certainly seems a more balanced and factually accurate assessment of the whole situation than most of the rubbish being spouted by certain politicians (who will remain nameless)

    Please note that, despite the title, it isn't all doom and gloom.

    Any thoughts?


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    It's a terrrrible thing, aye

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    There is so much that has not been clarified regarding Independence, that I don't believe that the Scottish know what a yes vote will really mean.
    Passports, Driving licence, car registration? and many more. All these sorts of thing are UK systems.
    Let alone the can of worms with Currency and EU membership.
    If Scotland votes yes then good for them I am just concerned that the Politicians are not answering the questions that are being asked.

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    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Roads don't even join up without crossing into England?

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    I wish Scotland the best be it yes of no but honestly with politicians making the decisions.

    We are all doomed.

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    Well, in fairness, it's a little early to say for certain that we are all doomed, but it's certainly a fascinating topic! This weeks New Scientist is well worth a read if you can find a copy, it devotes about 20 pages to the issue, from the viability of Scottish oil and what that means for the populace all the way through to their emergent green technology market. It is also on the website at the top of this thread. Having been a subscriber for nearly 12 months, it's nice to finally read a few articles which I am genuinely interested in...

    Also, it seems that the Scots may at least have a fighting chance for a better future, assuming their politicians have the balls to make the big decisions.
    Scotland: Four futures for an independent Scotland - 30 May 2014 - New Scientist
    Scotland: Oil and gas at heart of Scots' future wealth - tech - 29 May 2014 - New Scientist
    Scotland: Ape Israel to build a start-up nation - tech - 29 May 2014 - New Scientist
    Scotland: Wind will power the Scots' green ambitions - environment - 30 May 2014 - New Scientist
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    Firstly I'm not anti English ... My wife English .... I don't know answers to questions being asked & feel we aren't getting answers but when you see the reality of being run by a government that doesn't have you as their priority ?

    Joanna Lamont
    "Scots are not genetically programmed to make decisions".
    Telling us we are idiots basically .... Why more if this wasn't picked up on in media I don't know

    Boris Johnson
    " a pound spent in croyden is far better than a pound spent in strath Clyde"

    You could go on ...
    But basically it's clear that the folks in charge way down south count us way down the pecking order but happy to hold hand out to what we contribute


    Answers to questions aside this referendum is to decide let them continue to treat us as have been


    Decide for ourselves
    That's it

    I hate salmond wouldn't piss on him or Kenny Makasgill if they wee on fire

    IF we decide to go it alone make our own decisions
    Then we decide who we want to do it

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    I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.
    the first quote is a disgraceful thing to have been said, especially by leader of the Scottish Labour Party (it's johann lamont, born in Glasgow and a politician in Scotland).

    boris is johnson is mayor of London, you might expect him to favour investment in London.

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