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Thread: Marlin XS7 Bolt Action .243 Win Rifle 22" Barrel .

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    Marlin XS7 Bolt Action .243 Win Rifle 22" Barrel .

    what are these like in .243 and build quality ??

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    It is like a combination design of some of the better features of the Remington 700 and the Savage 110. They seem to shoot well, are inexpensive ( $350 in SS here ).

    This is a good 2008 review with lots of photos of the design features.

    Marlin’s New XL7 Bolt Action Rifle

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    I was going to get one then I was warned off them, but I think it be each to their own I really fancied the camo synthetic stock

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    I know several people who have bought them as bad-weather rifles, truck guns for the farm or ranch, a loaner rifle, or a starter rifle for young hunters. So far, I have not heard nor read anything negative. None have shot badly, and may of them shoot well under a MOA with factory ammunition. A friend of mine, a surgeon, bought a 7mm-08 for his son to begin deer hunting, and it outshoots his much nicer 7mm RM ( sub-MoA with Federal Fusion 140 gr). They are less expensive new than most used rifles and come with a full rail for mounting a scope. The barrels can be changed by yourself, just like the Savage. They are light weight, about 6.25 lbs, like a Browning X-Bolt or A-Bolt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinc View Post
    what are these like in .243 and build quality ??
    Kevin you are talking about a £200 pound rifle in the US so I wouldn't worry about build quality, they seem to shoot quite well, now are you going to keep it for long or want something better fairly quickly.You may lose money hand over fist on it if you pay top dollar for it.So if you are getting it for £200 or so it can't lose you that much when you move it on.

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    right ok thats some good advice guys it will be my first 243 and want something reliable and accurate but not to expensive, i mean what would be a good rifle to have for a few years ?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	42889I chose a clean second hand browning and it shoots very straight whole package mod . Rifle and decent scope under 800.
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    yes that does look nice i do like the browning rifle and i also like the remminton 700 in synthetic but i do prefer wood though i must say lol

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