Original Simmons White Tail Classic made by Simmons Outdoor Corp. before they got brought out and manufacturing was moved to the Philippines and China.
Black Granite Anti Glare Finish. 25mm Tube, has been fitted to a variety of rifles over the years from .22rf through to .243 absolutely fantastic sharp glass with great low light capabilities.
Purchased new by me, the granite finish has some rub marks to the tube where mounts have been fitted and also on the eye piece where a rubber eye cup was fitted.
This scope has COIN type windage and elevation turret adjusters and not the finger adjusters all the copies have. There is no comparison between the quality of the glass on these original scopes and the Chinese's / Philippines copies that are readily available on the internet. This scope is only for sale as I have changed all my scopes 6 of them over to 56mm end objective lenses as it is easier for me to swap my night vision gear between rifles in the middle of the night with Attachment 42878Attachment 42879Attachment 42880Attachment 42881the minimum of adjustments. 140 inclusive of P&P