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Thread: 223 AR 15 wanted

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    223 AR 15 wanted

    Anyone have one to move, or know of one being sold, must be flat top receiver with rail any out there in cabinet gathering dust. deerwarden

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    How much are you looking to spend?
    I've got a .223 LMT that I'm thinking of putting up for sale:
    12.5" barrel, 1 in 7 twist, loves 69gn hollow point Prvi.
    LEI muzzle break and slot-on moderator.
    8x 30 round magpul mags, genuine Knights Armament rail covers, foregrip and rear backup sight,
    genuine Trijicon ACOG with red dot on top.
    Spare LMT desert stock, pistol grip and rail covers.
    Only done about 300 rounds. It's the same weapon system that was issued to both Cheshire and British Transport Police Firearms Teams last year!
    If F2F I also have 400 Prvi 69gn hollow point match rounds included in the sale!
    Need to sell to fund a new Sauer 6.5x55.
    PM me for further.
    Piglet shifted uncomfortably in his high seat;

    "Oh bother" sighed Pooh as he chambered another round...

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