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    New Ground

    I went to a soil nutrient meeting the other day as I'm a farm manager and of course there were plenty of farmers there as you might expect. I was with a couple of farmers whose land I already stalk over when another guy that farms locally to us came over for a chat. The guy I was with said this is the chap you need to talk to about stalking, so I put the question to him. Meet me next week he says. Had a scout round his area on Sunday by road and saw 28 Fallow tracking between 2 woods, looks good. Just got back from my meet with him, 2200 acres more stalking with Red, Fallow, Roe and Muntjac, all good.
    Need to get Monkey Spanker revved up now to finish off my level 2!

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    the more doors you knock on the more sales you make.

    landed on your feet there

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    Right time right place mate. Nice one 8)

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