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Thread: Gutted Mixy!

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    Gutted Mixy!

    Its pretty tough getting good rabbit shooting in my area, most regions have been wiped out either by over zealous Lampers or bad bouts of Mixy. I recently picked up a lovely, but small bit of land in the Malvern rammed with bunnies (Rammed in comparison to what I'm used too!!) Anyways been there 4 times now and bowled over 115 Bunnies and a Fox, last outing 40 bunnies before dark! Gutted when I showed up last week and shot 8 out of 27 which had Mixy! Sucks! My experience tells me I should start looking about for more land as the rest will die off pretty quick, hate it when that happens! DAVE

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    dont worry too much they will soon get sorted get down there and bump as many as you can off stop them suffering anyway,they will bounce back no worries,doug,

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    Its that time of year pal its all over near me. One side of one farm has it the other does not, thats how it goes. It does not take long to come back.

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