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Thread: section 7 temporary permit

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    section 7 temporary permit

    anyone ever applied for or been granted a section 7 temp permit? i might need one to tide me over till cert arrives. Any anacdotals appreciated


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    When we moved house and I applied to TVP for a temporary permit so that I could get my co-terminous FAC/SGC updated they told me "don't worry about not having your certificate, we can always look you up in our system and see it's in for renewal" I never did get the temporary permit


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    If you request a section 7, they are bound in law to issue one, the whole reason for the 7 is to keep someone within the law, whilst arrangements are made, for instance, disposal of weapons upon the holders passing on, (Carking it) etc. 8)

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    Yes. On two or three times.

    But and it is a big but, ONLY when the local force through their own fault have not issued me my FAC in time before the old one expired.

    If it is your fault that you old FAC has expired - because you did not send it in in good time - then you will be lucky to get one.

    Indeed you will be lucky not to be asked to pay a full issue fee and not be asked to "dispose" of the said guns etc to an RFD.

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    this is what i was told the other day when chatting to my local rfd (he used to be a FEO).

    tvp are issueing renewals notifications at 70 days (they are not obliged to), and if not recieved back within 10 days you recieve a letter telling you to deposit your guns at a rfd for storage, of course you dont have to do so untiul the day of your liscence expiry, but if your licence expires they gat taken off your ticket.TVP will not issue temp permits for renewals as they are hand typed and it slows up the whole process.

    off the back of this a reading gunshop is charging £10 per week storage (minimum 8 weeks) and they also charge £25 per gun to write them back on your new ticket.

    i was also told that if you inform TVP in time they will be liable for storage costs should your ticket not return in time, you must have had the application in prior to 60 days.

    this is just hearsay of course, and could be complete BS like most things said in gunshops in west berkshire!

    i have had temp permits for variations for up to 2 months at a time which i was told by TVP is the maximum.

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    might have to go down storage option. my feo coming out on the 18th ticket expires 1st. would be suprised if any probs as my circumstances havnt changed since last time re land etc there was a small queery about not using much 17hmr ammo but i sure i can demonstrate good reason for having it (just do more stalking than rabbiting these days).
    im only twitchy as i have three days of what is likely to be very productive stalking on the 2nd 3rd 4th.
    i did hand it out 50 days not 60 so my fault i guess and no sec 7 seems a bit of a ball ache really.


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    Yet another demo of them making up the rules as they go along, If you have applied in time, or require to store deceased relatives guns until sold, they are bound by the law to issue one. NO excuses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete evans
    im only twitchy as i have three days of what is likely to be very productive stalking on the 2nd 3rd 4th.
    I have the solution if you donít get your ticket back Ė me up a tree within sight and earshot, you with a nice R93 estate rifle (.243 or .308) perfect!

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    not my gig im affraid (im a lowly guest) otherwise a completely selfless offer that i may have taken up.

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    Technically "store with an RFD" is BS as under R v Caithness the issue is not concerned with where it is but who has title to it. In other words if it is stored with a gun shop and you drop dead who does it belong to? Clearly not the gun shop but to your estate. So therefore you do continue to possess the weapon, in law, regardless.

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