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Thread: R-10/22 - Scope Mounting Recommendations

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    R-10/22 - Scope Mounting Recommendations

    Hiya Chaps/esses

    Moving scopes around, so what do you advise for mounting options on a 10/22 - as I see them:
    1 - use existing rail and go Sportmatch (1-piece or 2 piece?) or equivalent if so what?,
    2 - swap rail for Weaver bases and go Burris Signature Zee,
    3 - what else have you tried and tested and not found wanting?

    Want to ensure no damage to a good scope hence 'insert/taped' rings.
    Appreciate your experience and advice.


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    Hi loki, Last year, I bought a second hand air rifle and as it had a 4 mag wide angle Nikko Stirling on it, I just swapped it over to my 10/22 along with the ordinary mounts that came with it. I have recently checked zero and as before gives half inch groups at 50 yards. I used it between zeroing, at Bisley a couple of weeks ago and fired around 250 shots that day, (I don't clean the barrel ever) indicating that nothing is moving. hoping this might save you a bit of money and maybe the info is worth a pint at the next meet up.

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    Best optic mounting option for a 10/22 is to mount them on a decent rifle

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    Timbeech - I agree we all have our 'Snap-on' tools and then the 'Draper' ones to play with!

    Cheers, L

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