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Thread: smoking fish on bbq

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    smoking fish on bbq

    hi all. i hope to hot smoke some mackeral, trout and haddock for my brothers annual birthday bbq bash.

    i plan to do it on my weber kettle bbq and was just wondering if any of you have had success doing this. i have looked on the net and some say you must brine the fish others say just some salt for have an hour others just say clean it and stick it on the bbq.

    i hope to use oak for the smoke.

    any advice appreciated

    regards pete

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    I have a weber BBQ which I smoke fish on its great and easy.
    I hand split some oak timber to like kindling pieces and soak in water for a couple of hours.

    Then have a hot bed of embers, place the soaked oak pieces onto the embers, top rack on place the fish onto the rack, lid on, bottom vents shut, top ones open only a tiny bit. Takes approx one hour for two trout that weigh about 2,1/2 lb each. Colour wise a rustic looking gold colour flesh.

    Say no funny prep with the fish onced clean season to your likening and smoke.

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    Further vote for webber with soaked wood, tried a few types to find best and come back to oak. Boughg chippings also and presoaked as well.

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    thanks weeman. every year we try and do something new and experiment on our guests. there is normally 20 of us so we get a good variety of people trying whatever we cook. i have also this year cured my own bacon so we will see how that goes down too.

    thanks lamb chop.

    how do you guys find the texture of the fish. does it go soggy or dry out
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    My local TK Maxx is currently doing bags of Jack Daniels wood chips. If bourbon is your thing give it a go, smells fabulous!!
    You live and learn........
    .........or you don't live long

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    Whatever you choose to do, I would suggest that you have a trial run first to avoid the possibility of looking like a chump in front of 20 pissed up blokes!

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    Texture is good, does dry a little but not unpleasant actually adds to it in my opinion. Support view to test first!

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    I used to hot smoke loads of trout. Fillet and skin, then remove pin bones. Cover in salt for about an hour and then rinse and dry with kitchen roll. Hot smoke over any english hardwood dust or chippings for about 20-30 mins depending upon thickness. The taste can be very strong though and not to everyones liking!
    Smoked trout pate is good though.
    Probably my best trout recipe was made from numerous large fish fron Avon springs in Durrington. I never came away with less than 20lb of fish on a 4 fish ticket!
    Fillet trout and skin, then cut into 1" chunks. Wrap each chunk in sweetcure or smoked streaky bacon and place on a skewer. Baste with a sticky oriental style marinade overnite in the fridge and then BBQ. I used to use olive oil, honey, soy sauce, five spice & sweet chili sauce. Great hot, but probably even better cold!
    I'm really hungry now and feel the need to go fishing!

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    Thanks for the replies I guess its a case of experimenting to get our required taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Whatever you choose to do, I would suggest that you have a trial run first to avoid the possibility of looking like a chump in front of 20 pissed up blokes!
    If they were pissed up enough they would eat battered dog turds ha ha!
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