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    Some sambar

    I have been crook for a long time and have hardly been out and about compared to what I normally put in,as in days with camera.
    I have managed to get a few 'close to the truck ' opportunities on a rehab walk or two though.I havent carried a rifle since last year though,just too heavy at this stage.

    Spikey in velvet on dark,top eating.

    Same spikey with Mr B. standing fast.

    Calf in the evening,good eating.

    Pair of hooligans,good eating.

    One of the above with Mr B. in foreground.


    Solid hind,preggers,fat,good eating.

    Same hind,did i mention good eating?

    Fat bull calf with the best ever Boy George 'do' great eating little billy bunter,he`s as fat as a seal! Check that mane out.

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    Hope that you heal up soon and get back at them.

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    They look like big eared sika. Are they difficult to stalk?

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    Top work John... I hope things continue to improve, but in a little more speedy fashion!

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    Im guessing you have run out of venison in your freezer John, LOL
    great photos, photo 4 with the 2 young stags! i noticed their tails are up had they got you made??? if so you must be slipping mate.
    Hope you are well again soon.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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