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Thread: A Very Happy Unicorn

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    A Very Happy Unicorn

    Out very early this morning arriving 20 mins later at one of my permissions in the East Midlands ,I have managed this ground for a few years for rabbits foxes and munties and know it really well or so I thought......because as Rotwild and I stalked along the first woodland edge the first wildlife we saw was a pair of yearling Roe !! Now to the best of my knowledge the nearest Roe to this ground are about 12 miles away.No shot was taken and further stalking of the ground showed lots of fairly recent slots of vastly differing sizes so hopefully we have the beginnings of a resident population .

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    Attachment 42941Welldone they are something special , my mate who's only 3 miles from one of my places hasn't got any but mine is loaded with them this one I shot 2 weeks ago what a lump he was he weighed a ton well not a whole ton but he was my biggest so far bazil

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    That's a lovely buck Bazil I just can't believe that after 20 years of stalking I have finally got my favourite deer on my home patch,it's now time for the trail cameras to come out !

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