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Thread: Is the Lottery fixed???

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    Is the Lottery fixed???

    Something I've never really thought about before as it always seemed so random the way the numbers are selected. However what got me thinking is my Mrs was in the supermarket Tuesday morning and as the Euro millions was a roll over decided to buy a ticket for Tuesdays draw. At the counter there was a poster advertising "don't forget to buy your Friday ticket, 80 million roll over"
    Thoughts - how could this be as Tuesdays hasn't been drawn yet?
    This morning, no surprise, it's a roll over estimated 80 million for Friday.
    The only logical explanation I could come up with is the posters are sent out in advance and either used or binned depending on the outcome of the draw. Has the shop put them up too early by mistake? Or were they in the know?
    I love a good conspiracy
    What's your thoughts?
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    Could be that Tuesday and Saturday are seperate pots of money? A win/no win on Tuesday would therefore have no effect on Saturday's draw.

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    Having experience of the way things work in retail I would go with the idea of posters going out in advance so that publicity can begin immediately after the event.
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    The odds of winning are so low that they don't need to fix it....

    Personally I'd like to see 80 winners share the jackpot a million each, that's plenty enough return on a 2 gamble
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    With modern technology the balls could be weighted very slightly and the machine would be programmed by the computer to elect each ball as the machine would know in seconds what numbers had won the lottery or what tickets hadn't been bought and the odd winner is thrown in for good measure shame its never been me

    Rant over

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    Course its fixed, i 've never won


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    Friday's is a special draw, it's been advertised as an 80M jackpot for weeks.

    Bloody conspiracy theorists!
    Cheers Ted.

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    I have never won a bl@@dy thing since the prize for three numbers became 25. Must spend 6 a week on it! Someone somewhere is very rich on my share..

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    Ive had three jackpot wins this year , so no I dont think its fixed

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    No one ever seen weighted dice?
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