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Thread: Diabetes and FAC

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    Diabetes and FAC

    Can type 1 diabetes be a reason for not having FAC granted? I guess everyones case can be different as some people can be unconscious when having hypos, but it has never happened to me. Sugar levels are stable and I feel ok.
    Are there any type 1 diabetics who have FAC? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to respond on open forum.


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    glogin I am an FEO with 26 years in the Police.Simply having diabetes does not prevent anyone from having a certificate,if your firearms department works like I do a letter will be sent to your GP ( remember the permission that is signed on the bottom right of the front page of your application form allowing this ) asking for details of the condition and any medication that you take.Based on what the reply contains a decision will be taken but if you are not prone to blackouts and the condition is well controlled then I would see no reason for anything other than a successful application.....good luck

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    Thanks for reply That is what I wanted to hear

    They contacted my GP as well as DVLA. It has been 20 weeks since I sent my application... they are not rushing it...



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    Seems a helluva long time that although when a letter goes to a GP everything comes to a standstill while the reply is awaited. Some are very quick to reply and others do take months,believe it or not there are some out there who simply don't want to get involved because they don't like guns or for some other reason,even although you have signed allowing the approach to be made,the questions are justified AND they are paid whatever fee they ask for ( that's a different subject altogether as some of the fees demanded are ridiculous ). It might be worth asking what the hold up is and if it is the GP's reply you can then ask the GP to hurry it up.
    Out of curiousity what force did you apply to ??

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    Greg, I assume its Pitt Street that are dealing with your application?

    Try giving them a call, the ladies in the office are very reasonable and happy to talk to you. When mine was going through, I called and asked if it would be ready by a certain date and they had it in the post well before I needed it. I think from application to receiving it through the post, was approx 4 weeks.

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    It's Strathclyde.
    They had reply from my GP months ago. Now they suddenly decided to ask DVLA as well. I gave DVLA my permission to release any information to them so they should receive the information they want soon. I keep asking them about the progress and always hear "It takes as long as it takes"...


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    It was exactly 26 weeks ago when I posted my FAC application. The ticket arrived today...
    I want to thank everybody who supported me and gave very useful advice.


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    Glad to hear it all worked out glogin but even so 26 weeks is a hell of a long time for an application,there must have been problems in obtaining information along the way

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