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Thread: F.A.C Application - Shooting permission

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    F.A.C Application - Shooting permission

    Hey folks,

    Wondered if anyone could answer a question regarding application for grant of a F.A.C....

    in the section where it asks for details of the land/permission where you intend to shoot, do you just fill in name of the area of land or is it best to give details of land area e.g X amount of acres. Also, if the land has already been cleared for the caliber of rifle which I am applying for will the owner have a reference number for that piece of land which I could put down on the form? I meant to ask him but probably won't see him until next week now.


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    In the section itself it's put name and address. If you're sending a letter with additional information in support of your application you could include further details there, or just wait until the interview to talk it through. No sure if there will be a reference number, but if you include the name and address they should be able to check it for you.

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    Put in the name and address of the farmer or estate where permission is granted. Also a letter from said person confirming situation. Chances are the FLO at interview will have cross checked with person and will know the ground. Clearing ground for a calibre is not common in Scotland. However if you go for too big a calibre the whole thing becomes suspect. Ask around, what calibres are common to the area.

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    Not sure if its a national form or just Dorset but they have a Permission sheet you can fill in and get the land owner to sign with the information they ant to see

    you could also use the BASC Permission to shoot form

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    Aberdeen division of police Scotland have this form you get signed for land, you get this signed by landowner and send with application, Don't know if the other divisions use this form.
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    BASC also have a form on their site you can download

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    Just to point out Alasdair, they can't insist that you use their form. It may be easier to do it, and help to ensure that you get all the relevant information, but the only forms they can insist you use are the ones set down in the Firearms Act(s)

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    i recently used a printoff of the OS map in 1:10,000 scale from Magic, got the landowner to marked the land boundaries in red pen, signed at the bottom with 'confirm shooting permission on the above land for all species including deer' with name, date and address

    No room for argument or confusion in the future.

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