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Thread: Rifle Slings

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    Rifle Slings

    Hi There
    Any chance of any recommendations on Rifle Slings best suited to stalking. I'm collecting the new .270 next week and could do with your advice.
    Cheers for now

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    You could speak to Ash243, & have your sling made to your requirements. Steve.

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    i use the super sling they come in black or camo have soft leather back well padded sling swivels are fitted to it and its ajustable by simpley pulling or pushing the nilon belt it has a thumb hook as well for standing shots costs 35bucks my first one lasted 5years in all weathers and you can rest your gun on a wall using the sling as a cushon to save your stock from scraches etc just purchased a new one from flee bay best one i have found so far and with the qwick release swivels you can put it on more than one gun in seconds

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    Just bought one of ash243 rifle slings, great quality, prompt friendly service at the right price.

    So would be pleased to recomend to anyone.


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    i would recomend ash as well i have numerous leather items made by the lovely emma,the workmanship is exceptional.

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    Another one to reccommend Ash, i have a sling off him, i purposly wanted quite a basic one and it is supurb, excellently made and will last a lifetime.

    I have also seen pictures of some of the more elaborate slings that he and emma have supplied, pretty much sort out exactly wht you need/want.

    give him a pm, you won't be disappointed.



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