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Thread: tikka t3 tactikal

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    tikka t3 tactikal

    just thought id pass on my thoughts on the tikka t3super varmint in 243 now i purchased this gun just before cristmas. and to be honest have not put a lot of lead down it so thought it was time to give it a go so using wincester soft points 80g. and a t8 and put a gen3 night vision scope on top ajusted the trigger down to two pounds loaded the five round clip and set to work on the targets. first shot at 100yards was high and to the right ajusted the scope bang on target in 3 shots happy with that i had a go at my next target 200yards fired one shot and walked out to see the result. touching the bull well im getting very impresed with this gun target moved as far as i can shoot on my golf course fired two shots both within 15mill of each other now one im using cheep wincester soft points. which i dont normaly purchase as every other gun i used them in they were **** but as i was runing in the barrel i thought they will do turns out they go very well in the gun im using a night vision scope which is no where as good as a day scope /even if it is gen3 so my overal impresons of this gun are f.... brill cost me 970pounds brand new. so the good bits its very very acurate from a bypod likes crap amo trigger not bad a tall no creap posative let of very clean very nice weaver rail fitted as standard bolt very positive slick but long pull back stock works but looks like after thought ajustable cheek peace is handey for getting your head behind the scope overal this gun is not a bad tool is very acurate .if you do your bit may be a bit heavey for some with a scope silencer and bypod fitted its no light waight has a tendencey to swing back over your sholder which is a pain as your constantley fixing it so thats its down side other than that its a good gun which is probaly more acurate than i am but for onley puting a max of 40rounds throe the gun im in love forgot the magasine looks bad but it holds 5rounds and puts them up the bore no problem may not be every ones idea of a stalking gun but if your in to longer rainge sniping and shooting a bit further than you normaly do this gun is more than capable of taiking you to the next level recomended

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    I have to agree the T3 Tactical is an excellent bit of kit. I have had mine in .223 rem for about 3-4 years now and even though it's a bit heavy to shoot offhand with a t8 on the end it's accurate verging on silly with homeloads and I have no doubt that it can shoot better than I can, even though I pop off bunnies up to 500 yrds over the cuttings on the peat bogs



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    I have one in .308, very very accurate to shoot, mine likes PPU 150gr soft points through it, bonus!!

    I reload for it now though, like the rifle but sadly will be selling it in a couple of weeks, changing to a .270.


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    Thanks for putting on your post, very handy as I have been looking at a T3 varmint .308 today and have decided to get it on pay day! Going to get and S and B scope. My next problem is what round to use, any advice?? PPU will be getting tested after Tartinjocks comments.

    This might be a silly question. If i zero my rifle from a bipod when I get it and then shoot it from sticks or in a high seat when out and about, will this after the aim? Zeroed is zeroed to my logic, but I have heard some people say otherwise.

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    Re: tikka t3 tactikal

    Wraith, I'm pretty sure they don't make a Tikka T3 tactical in .243.

    Quote Originally Posted by wraith
    if your in to longer rainge sniping
    Please spare us the sniper talk, there are so many that think they are snipers, I'm amazed there is any other job in the forces.

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    i got one in 223 will put 5 shots under an inch at 200 yds 4 shots were touching cant be bad

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    As far as I am aware, H.M. forces have never had snipers, We have the better trained "Marksman" or "Sharpshooter" 8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    As far as I am aware, H.M. forces have never had snipers, We have the better trained "Marksman" or "Sharpshooter" 8)
    Most Infantry Bns have a Sniper Platoon. The sharp shooter is a shooting only skill where as the Sniper involves the tactics and cam and concealment etc.


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    Dave, Just fishing mate! 8)

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    The Sharpshooter is a new 7.62 assault rifle 8) 8)

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