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Thread: Forgot I had nothing to take it home with so never took the shot.

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    Forgot I had nothing to take it home with so never took the shot.

    Over cast and cloudy to start, no this is not a weather report don't worry, but very warm while having a chat to the owner of the ground I shoot on. She was advising of fox cubs being spotted by the farm hand up on the hill so I said I would go and investigate.

    I walked through the woods downed in my usual jack Pyke and Deer Hunter gear .270 Browning slung over my shoulder I wandered through the trees towards the hill checking every puddle and mud patch for signs of what maybe moving about when no one is about, hundreds of roe tracks and the bloody badgers that I cannot do anything about so just try ignore where they are heading but no fox tracks. Creeping through the woods and gently navigating obsticles in my way I finally got to the opening of the hill.

    The wind was perfect, blowing straight into my face meaning my walk up the edge of the hill will be totally undetected thank god as the sweat was definately on with the heat and the layers I had on. I climbed the first rise and crawled to a view point and just lay spying through the glasses for a while, nothing moving but sheep and some cattle that has been put out on the hill for some summer grazing. Dropping off the side of the hill a little was a fence line marching with a wood so i decided walking parallel to that keeping out of sight of everything on the hill. I stalked quietly making my way through trees and burns and some over flooded marsh areas, as visabilty was limited I again chose an area covered in Gorse to get a vantage view point to sit listen and spy. Sitting in amongst the gorse on a moss covered rock I sat for a while spying, a bumble bee casually going about the its business not bothered by me and the sun high in the sky by now showing the small swarms of moths dancing about the heath and a leech glistening in the sun no more that a metre or two away. While spying I glanced a lone Buck, average in size but more than 500 yards away atleast, head not thinking at this point about logistics, I decided to stalk very quietly in to him to get closer. After about 20 minutes of crawling and rerouting I finally got within about 150 yards of the beast, he looked amazing just grazing in amongst a small grove of shaded bluebells and Blaeberry, I lay prone and lined up my shot I had plenty of time he was in no hurry to go anywhere, I clicked off the safety and then like something stupid it jumped into my mind, I couldn't take the shot. I had no way of getting it home, on my last outing on the way home my pickup broke down so I took the family people carrier today, there was no way I was goona put a beast in the back the mrs would kill me. I sat and watched him for a while then from a distance I heard a doe whistle, his head went up and he sauntered off.

    A little gutted I proceeded up the hill towards an area where these cubs were spotted and sat and watched for a while but saw nothing. I decided that I should wander back down through the woods and go get some food . I was feeling a little peaved by this point as this was a great oppertunity, perfect shot lots of time could never ask for a better chance, but hey ho , I would rather try again another time than get killed from the Mrs lol

    Its weird how the brain works lol

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    its called survival
    up to that point it was a relaxing day

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    No kidding and good experience also , at least I can say I am not greedy and I do think before I take the shot lol

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    Well done I am Impressed, as |I am sure your good lady will be too. the Buck will be there for another Day.

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    A nice read and a good post. Tom

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    nice one tulloch at least she gave you the keys to get out from under her feet!

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    I have most of the weekend woop to go play in the mud lol

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    well done nice read , stalking is't all about killing, it will be that much more exciting the next time you meet when you decide if to take the shot again or not.

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    Id of decked it and put it in the wife's motor mate lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakies View Post
    Id of decked it and put it in the wife's motor mate lol.
    Me too,. What's a car for if its not for carrying things.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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