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    Looking for a decent .223
    Keeping my options open at the moment so other than it being a tidy rifle with a relatively low round count and preferably stainless barrel anything considered.
    Either as a package with mod and scope or just rifle but it must be threaded for a mod.



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    hi ff ,
    not sure what you call decent !! i have a 2 yr old, howa 1500 in stainless with houge black stock , 8x56 s&b scope , wildcat t8 proofed mod fired 118 rounds. low round count due to being fitted with n.v. used for foxing. going back to using my .308 and lamp and wanting to get a pup so the rifle has to go !! go it up local for 900 but would take 850 rfd transfer included
    cheers jason

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    i have a ruger m77 mark 2 ,synthetic /stainless with a shot count of approx 500 rounds
    comes with mounts and a T8 moderator

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    Remington 700 SPS varmint synthetic stock and laminated hardly done anything!
    Groups very nice 850ono

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    get jagare sa off here to do something for you.

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    After shooting a friends tikka super varmint this afternoon im sold!
    So getting me one of those...very impressed.

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